•  An inspiring work of art
  • A unique gift to honor your loved ones
  • A powerful way to commemorate those who are no longer with us
  • Projects the energy of the person
  • An artistic asset that will be preserved in the family for generations                 (does not fade or crumble over the years like a photograph)
  • Quality and precision, done in the classical layer method
  • Simple ordering process

The Secrets of the Birth of a Portrait

Painting for me is: A gift from Heaven, the power to turn an empty white canvas into a living entity that can convey a message. In contrast to abstract art, the success of figurative art lies in its ability to faithfully reproduce reality, and thus constitutes a fascinating challenge. Particularly in portraiture, the artist must succeed in not only painting the exterior features of the subject accurately, but must also capture his essence, his personality and inner world. In my eyes this is the highest level of art. I consider painting a mission which enables me to express my ideas and feelings (and represent other people&’s ideas and feelings) and thus make a contribution to the betterment of society. I pray daily that the Almighty will grant me the inspiration to transform my challenging gift into a fulfilled mission.